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More time for the people of Zurich

The Challenge

Long processing times and lack of transparency

With a resident population of over 410,000, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Until recently, accounts payable invoices were processed manually causing lengthy processing times. The process was also non-transparent.

the solution

Digital recording and automatic accounting

During the course of the project, invoices were digitally captured, converted into a legally watertight digital format, and made available to the various city departments for further processing. After approval, such invoices will automatically be entered and archived in SAP. This ensures operative excellence in accounts payable accounting.

We were optimally advised and supported - from technical requirements through to the technical process automation.
Kurt Portmann
Head of OIZ (Organization and IT), City of Zurich

the result

Operational excellence

Thanks to digitization of time-consuming, manual processes, the workload has been reduced and the susceptibility to errors minimized. The accounts payable workflow now works with digital recording and automatic bookings. The solution, which can be used across a wide range of municipal administrations, thus ensures transparency, cost reductions and operational excellence – and creates more time for citizen matters.


  • Legally compliant digitization solution
  • Transparent and fast invoice processing
  • Cost reduction due to automation

Other Use Cases


mesoneer ensures operational excellence at BRUGG Lifting AG through RPA

BRUGG Lifting AG manufactures elevator, wire and architectural ropes as well as lashing and lifting equipment. For regular safety checks, mesoneer has automated the process and data transfer - based on a UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.

Data & AI

mesoneer integrates data services for SBB, BLS and SOB

How does SBB make sure that its trains are in the right order and at the right place at the right time? Different systems take care of this, but they have one thing in common: They are services from mesoneer that link everything together and help to ensure that you, as a passenger, arrive on time.


Fondli equestrian center goes digital

Popular Zurich equestrian center Fondli in Dietikon automates various administrative tasks with a customized solution on the MS Power platform. Now Fondli's employees can access all relevant information in real time, regardless of location. This leaves more time for horse and rider.

All Use Cases

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