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The go-to platform for digital business transactions. Easy to use cross-channel identification, signature, or both. Flexible with multiple security levels.

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Digital business transactions - simple and secure

m_IDeal use cases


For digital on-site identification (e.g. with banks, insurances, car dealers)

ID check

to register on online platforms (e.g. online casinos, eSports, webshops)

Online Identification

According to money laundering and signature laws in Switzerland and the EU

Electronic Signature

Of contracts (e.g. bank-, leasing-, work- and rental contracts)

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Identify digitally - easily, securely and quickly

m_IDeal offers a whole set of different identification methods. Depending on regulatory, technical and security requirements, different identification methods can be used. The following four methods are supported in Switzerland and the EU:

ID-Scan / OnSite Identification

Digital support allows people to be identified easily and securely, also on site. The security check of the ID documents and automatic reading of the ID data ensure a smooth process. The entire process is recorded in detail and saved to an identification report. ID-Scan / OnSite-Ident is often used by bank or insurance advisors, or even by sales staff at the point of sale.

Use cases onsite identification

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Open a bank account at the local branch

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Sign an insurance contract with the client advisor

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Conclude a mobile phone contract in the store

Video Identification

With this classic form of online identification, call center employees guide the person to be identified through the process. Video identification is used specifically where users prefer personal contact or as fallback for other types of identification.

Use cases video identification

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Open a corporate account

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Conclude a leasing contract

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Sign a mortgage contract

Auto Identification

With auto identification, people can identify themselves 24/7. Depending on the security level, the process includes ID scanning, security checks, biometric face matching, and liveness detection. Due to these various configuration options, auto identification is suitable for a wide range of industries and areas of application.

Use cases auto identification

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Sign up with an online casino

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Buy now, pay later (BNPL)

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Register on an online plattform

QES Identification

The name speaks for itself: With this method, individuals identify themselves for the issuance of a qualified electronic signature (QES). Both in Switzerland and in the EU, the QES is considered equivalent to a handwritten signature. As such, it also serves as identity proof and even fulfills the strict identification requirements according to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

Use cases QES identification

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Open a bank account online

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Conclude a life insurance via video consultation

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Sign a legally-binding temporary work contract online

Which identification method do I need?

The type of identification required depends on various factors. Our experts will be happy to advise you on your individual use case.

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Sign electronically - with just a few clicks

Electronic signatures make it easy to sign contracts digitally. Even multiple documents can be signed in minutes in one single process – and by several people at the same time. This is particularly useful for employment or leasing contracts, for example, where the signatures of several parties are required. m_IDeal supports the following signature standards in Switzerland and the EU:

Simple electronic signature (SES)

The SES has a strong evidential value. Documents are signed with one click.

Use cases onsite identification

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Internal documents

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Simple contracts

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Confidentiality agreements

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Order forms

Advanced electronic signature (AES)

The AES has high evidential value. Signing is done by SMS-code.

Use cases QES identification

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Simple work contracts

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Purchase agreements

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Supplier contracts

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Qualified electronic signature (QES)

The QES is characterized by having maximum evidential value in court. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Use cases onsite identification

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Notice of termination

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Insurance contracts (e.g. life insurance)

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Consumer credit agreements

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Temporary work-, manager- and aprrenticeship contrac

Why m_IDeal?

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Flexible by design

With m_IDeal, even different identification and signature methods are quickly integrated. You want to combine services? No problem - flexibility is our strength.

Save costs

The digital processes of m_IDeal can be automated and integrated into your existing systems. In this way, you not only save your employees' time, but also sustainably reduce costs.

Convenient and fast

m_IDeal allows you to quickly identify yourself and sign contracts with just a few clicks. No matter where and when - be it in the morning on the way to work or on Sundays on the sofa.

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Compliance guaranteed

Our identification and signature services comply with strict regulatory requirements such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act and electronic signature laws (ZertES and eIDAS). We process data according to data protection laws in Switzerland (DSG) and the EU (DSGVO).

Maximum security

We host your data according to the highest security standards in Switzerland (ISO 27001 certification). All data and documents are securely encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard AES-256.

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Ready to use

As a proven SaaS solution, m_IDeal is quickly deployed and ready for use. Thanks to its modular structure, the application remains flexible and customizable.

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