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Transform the way you sign by using signeer, the secure, legally compliant and state-of-the-art solution for electronic signing!

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Why sign electronically?

Position your company as digital leader and empower your employees with signeer - the ready-to-go web-based platform for electronic signing.


Our signature platform provides you with a secure, user-friendly and legally compliant solution for digital signing. Web-based platform solutions require no IT knowledge and are quickly ready for use.


By using our platform, our customers save time and money. They thus reduce the effort that would otherwise be required for manual processes. With signeer you sign anytime, anywhere and without waiting times.


Thanks to signeer, our customers contribute to a paperless world. The digital signature platform also eliminates the need to send physical documents, thus making an important contribution to sustainability.


In general, electronic signatures are more secure than physical signatures. They can be encrypted and password-protected so that only authorized people can sign, and even allow verification of the authenticity and integrity of documents.

What sets us apart?

Put an end to annoying paperwork and time-consuming hand signatures. Our innovative signature platform gives you an effortless, secure, and efficient way to sign documents electronically.

Seamless User Experience

A seamless and end-to-end process for identifying and signing in one - without media disruption.

Signature Standards

Sign with all three signature standards: QES, AES and SES according to both Swiss and EU law.

Multiple Documents

In signeer, multiple documents can be signed simultaneously with just one click.

No Login Needed

The invited contracting party does not need an additional login and can sign the documents quickly and easily.


signeer is easy and understandable to use - and always legally compliant.

Secure Data

The data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland (ISO 27001 certified).

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Which signature standard do I need?

The type of signature required depends on various factors. Our experts will be happy to advise you on your individual use case.

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Sign electronically - with just a few clicks

Electronic signatures make it easy to sign contracts digitally. Even multiple documents can be signed in minutes in one single process – and by several people at the same time. This is particularly useful for employment or leasing contracts, for example, where the signatures of several parties are required. signeer supports the following signature standards in Switzerland and the EU:

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Simple electronic signature (SES)

The SES has a strong evidential value. Documents are signed with one click.

Use cases onsite identification

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Internal documents

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Simple contracts

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Confidentiality agreements

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Order forms

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Advanced electronic signature (AES)

The AES has high evidential value. Signing is done by SMS-code.

Use cases QES identification

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Simple work contracts

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Purchase agreements

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Supplier contracts

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Qualified electronic signature (QES)

The QES is characterized by having maximum evidential value in court. It is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

QES Use Cases

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Notice of termination

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Insurance contracts (e.g. life insurance)

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Consumer credit agreements

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Temporary work-, manager- and aprrenticeship contrac

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