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Prepare your company today for the requirements of tomorrow with Kafka Data Streaming from mesoneer. Optimize your data architecture and make your business models ready for artificial intelligence (AI).

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Getting the most out of data

As an official partner of Confluent, Red Hat and IBM, mesoneer is an expert in robust and scalable Kafka data streaming solutions, whether it's designing and building architectures or integrating data sources. We use best practices and our Kafka Blueprints to ensure an efficient approach. This allows us to automate, optimize and scale the management of Kafka clusters in a timely manner.

Scrum Team

At the heart of our offering are our Scrum teams in Vietnam. Each team includes four top trained developers realizing your software solution using agile methods.

Product Owner

Based in Switzerland, the Product Owner serves as the link between the Scrum Team and the other stakeholders.

Project Manager

The project manager coordinates the smooth running of all tasks in consultation with the customer and thus leads the project to success.

Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts holistically analyze your existing processes and systems. In this way, you benefit from a lasting solution design.

Technical Analyst

We perform a comprehensive technical analysis as part of the solution design. This facilitates later integration and prevents unpleasant surprises.


Our experts seamlessly integrate the software solutions into your existing peripheral systems and provide support with any configuration tasks.


If needed, our UXUI team is available to develop a modern user interface. Together with the customers, we create user-centric journeys and a unique user experience.


Depending on your requirements, our support agents are also available to you for maintenance and support work after the project has been completed.

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Schulung & Beratung
Kafka Workshops
Minimal Viable Products
Integration Daten-Architekturen

Data Streaming and Application Integration

For a successful end-to-end automation, seamless data stream and business application integration are critical. We achieve this by leveraging data streaming platforms like Kafka and API Gateways. We are your experts in designing and building robust and scalable Kafka data streaming architectures. We use best practices and blueprints to automate, optimize and scale the management of your Kafka clusters.

Our experts analyze the interfaces of your core applications and draw on proven techniques such as event sourcing and CQRS, which follow the enterprise integration patterns, to integrate them securely and efficiently. With us on your side, you can be sure that your microservices based data streaming architectures and business applications will run efficiently and reliably.

Technologies and partners

Potential use cases

Promote technological understanding in specialist departments in order to exploit existing potential
Implementing best practices for the use of Kafka
Familiarization with standard connectors of common databases to connect systems such as SAP or Salesforce

Training and consulting

Benefit from our extensive expertise in data streaming with Kafka. Our experienced experts will help you to develop customized solutions for your specific business requirements. Rely on professional training and consulting to realize the full potential of Apache Kafka.


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General introduction and basics of Kafka Data Streaming as preparation for the basic certificate

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Practice-oriented introduction to Kafka development for developers from other areas

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Hands-on labs for Kafka developers (incl. development of Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams and Apache Flink)


Interactive setting with opportunities for questions and exercises instead of isolated self-study

Guidance in the Kafka ecosystem for the targeted use of existing tools and connectors

Individualized learning opportunities from entry-level to advanced techniques such as Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams

Workshops and assessments

Do you want to make use of your company data, but don't know where to start? Are you in doubt about your current data architecture? With our workshops and assessments, we help you identifying use cases, modeling events and show you how to make the best use of your data.


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Data streaming discovery workshop to analyze potential

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Event modeling and event storming workshops to identify relevant data flows

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Data streaming review & assessment to check existing Kafka integrations


Experts with relevant certifications and state-of-the-art knowledge

Experience in end-to-end digitalization

Knowledge of industry-typical core systems

Potential use cases

Ensure consistency of customer data from different sources such as HubSpot, Vertec and Abacus
Analyze and improve current data and integration architectures to maximize performance and scalability
Establish Center of Excellence (CoE) with best practice guidelines to standardize the use of Apache Kafka

Potential use cases

Real-time synchronization of customer data between CRM and e-commerce system
Receive IoT sensor data and visualize in dashboard
Technical system monitoring using real-time log analysis

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Take the plunge into data streaming with a customized minimum viable product (MVP). This allows you to experience the benefits of real-time data streams quickly, efficiently and with minimal risk, without having to implement an extensive integration project.


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Definition of the MVP scope

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Implementation with Apache Kafka including test options in a test environment

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Creation of a roadmap for the go-live and future use cases


Fast implementation and early feedback thanks to agile approach

Focusing on essential functions saves time and money, minimizes risks and avoids bad investments

Demonstrating the benefits of Kafka as a central data hub

Data Architectures

Confusing data chaos is a thing of the past - mesoneer supports companies on their way to structured, robust and scalable data processing within existing enterprise system architectures. Replacing batch with real-time data stream processing not only improves data up-to-dateness, but also decouples systems for a simpler data architecture.


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Expansion or replacement of existing legacy data landscapes with Apache Kafka during ongoing operations

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Support with scaling and optimization after integration

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Development of specialized solutions to cope with complex requirements

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Support for internal teams by experienced Kafka experts


A targeted approach and optimized processes enable milestones to be reached quickly

Proven best practices and checklists minimize the risk of wrong decisions and create security

Flexible approaches allow adaptations to individual or changing requirements

Potential use cases

Logistics data hub for better transparency in the supply chain, faster identification of bottlenecks and optimized delivery processes
Real-time monitoring of vital data in hospitals to improve patient care
Personalized customer interactions and product recommendations in e-commerce

Our Apache Kafka partners

How do I use data streaming in my company?

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Kafka Data Streaming with mesoneer

Since 2014, we have been modernizing our customers' data flows using agile methods and replacing analogue processing and media disruptions with digital solutions. Our expertise in Apache Kafka allows us to create state-of-the-art data streaming platforms so that relevant data is quickly available to everyone throughout the company. In line with our vision: connect. people. simplify.

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Strong partnerships

Thanks to partnerships with leading companies such as Confluent, IBM and Red Hat, we are always up-to-date, offer in-depth expertise and create first-class solutions.

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Kafka Blueprints

Thanks to the large number of successfully completed Kafka projects, we not only have a wealth of knowledge, but also our own blueprints, established procedures, best practices, frameworks and experience reports.

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Full development power

We develop state-of-the-art software solutions with our full-stack professionals. This enables us to support companies from planning to implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of their data streaming systems.

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10 years of experience

With more than a decade of experience in the field of Kafka Data Streaming, we have already implemented well-known projects, such as the integration of data services for SBB.

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