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Fondli equestrian center goes digital

The Challenge

Time-consuming manual recording of appointments and services

Since its founding about ten years ago, the Fondli equestrian center has focused on the highest quality and the well-being of horse and rider. Offering a versatile and tailor-made range of services for individual customer needs is an administrative challenge every day, whether it is coordinating appointments and the deployment of staff and horses, recording, and updating customer data, or managing suppliers and invoices.

Bringing together all the above parties, often at short notice, requires not only a great deal of manual effort, but also the up-to-dateness and availability of all relevant information. If, for example, a riding instructor or a horse is unavailable at short notice, the response should be fast.

the solution

From the tablet directly into the booking system

Most business cases can be digitized very well, even though they involve diverse processes. Therefore, the software developer mesoneer has developed an automated, mobile-capable solution for Fondli based on the MS Power platform. The application, which features Fondli’s corporate design, offers all the functions of a modern, cloud-hosted database.

To ensure data protection and the best user experience, different views or accesses of the application were developed for different user groups, such as riding instructors, office staff or customers. This allows to determine for each user group which data can be displayed and which actions can be performed. All data is synchronized in real time and can be edited in parallel by several users. This prevents manual sources of error and unnecessary duplication, as well as the delayed forwarding of information.

The application simplifies our everyday work significantly and creates added business value. The collaboration has also been a lot of fun.
Michaela Schorro
Owner and Managing Director, Fondli AG

the result

Digitized processes free up employees and the budget

Today, riding instructors can manage all administrative matters on a mobile basis from a tablet. Even appointments canceled at short notice can therefore be passed on to other customers. The digitally recorded data can be further processed without media breaks, i.e. continuously through further work processes, thus easing the workload of Fondli’s office staff, especially in the management of customer data and bookings. The automatic display of current appointments in the Reiterstübli is also helpful.

Thanks to the direct connection between employees and customers, time-consuming manual work and cumbersome information transfer are a thing of the past. Digital service recording with automatic invoicing also makes the billing much faster. The quickly deployable and flexible low-code solution, which for the most part does without classic programming, allows everyone involved to spend more time on their passion: horse riding.


  • Real-time coordination, recording and invoicing of services without media breaks
  • Major reduction in workload for employees
  • More time for value-adding activities
  • Satisfied employees, satisfied customers

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