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Autexis and mesoneer become sister companies

Autexis, headquartered in the canton of Aargau, excels in the automation of production plants and the implementation of control systems for plant and machine manufacturers. The company also houses a software development division. Since June 2023, mesoneer, located near Zurich with additional offices in Vietnam, has been collaborating with Autexis to develop the new Digital Factory Suite. This comprehensive solution is designed to enhance process digitalization across the food, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and plant engineering industries. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) suite is anticipated to be a significant growth driver for Autexis.

Matthias Keller, the majority shareholder of both mesoneer and now Autexis, will integrate the operations through his family office, KK Invest. With Patrick Brazzale stepping into the role of CEO, the transition aims to strengthen the strategic partnership between the companies. Philippe Ramseier, who founded Autexis following a management buyout in 2010, will focus on advancing sales and market development as a strategic priority while maintaining his influential position on the Board of Directors. Hansjörg Schmidle will continue in his role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and remain a shareholder.

Matthias Keller expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “With Autexis and mesoneer, we are empowering our customers to enhance process efficiency and quality through smart software solutions, thus driving digitalization forward. The strengthened strategic collaboration will yield significant benefits for both companies and our customers.”

Entrepreneur Philippe Ramseier expressed his confidence in the future, stating, “Our priority is to establish Autexis as a leading international provider of automation and digitalization solutions. With mesoneer as a sister company, we are well-positioned to achieve this goal more swiftly.”

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