The challenge

Time-consuming manual data entry for quality controls

BRUGG Lifting AG is a company of the BRUGG Group and manufactures elevator ropes, wire ropes, lashing & lifting equipment and architectural ropes. As safety-relevant equipment, lashing & lifting gear must be regularly inspected and repaired.

The specialists at BRUGG Lifting AG periodically inspect the customer’s lifting gear and, if necessary, repair it. They record the effort and the material used directly on a tablet in the «Ardor» service software at the workplace.

The RPA takes the data from this, independently fills it into the ERP, creates and completes production orders where necessary, books material and time and completes the entire maintenance order.

Robotic Process Automation from UMB and UiPath connects our applications and ensures error-free, fast and automatic data flow.

The solution

From delivery automatically back to the customer

RPA eliminates all time-consuming manual transactions in sales, shipping and logistics. If the employee completes the repair order, the delivery papers are automatically printed in the shipping company, the invoice is sent as a mail and the external logistics provider is commissioned!

The result

RPA connects applications and leads to business automation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the automated handling of processes by software robots. RPA connects applications in a simple way without the need to provide complex interfaces. Essentially, once learned, RPA takes over repetitive work at the user level to transfer data in any system and execute process steps.

Digitize your processes now. Our RPA specialists will be happy to take time for you.


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