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Belimo trusts in business automation from mesoneer and CAS

The Challenge

Belimo wants to register and mutate new products quickly and error-free

Belimo, headquartered in Hinwil, develops, produces and sells field devices for the regulation and control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Sensors, control valves and damper actuators make up the core business. In this high-tech world, short innovation cycles and operational excellence are the key to success.

the solution

CAS Case Manager for SAP replaces Excel lists and creates time

The entire product opening process is now handled by CAS Case Manager for SAP. The solution, developed in partnership with CAS AG, meets all of Belimo’s business automation requirements in relation to products and SAP. The Case Manager seamlessly integrates all departments and applications. Time-consuming and error-prone Excel forms are a thing of the past.

mesoneer creates plenty of time and ensures operational excellence with CAS Case Manager for SAP.
Vincenzo Vernacchio
Process Lead IPAX Product Range Support, Belimo Automation AG

the result

Business automation for smooth integration of new products into SAP

CAS Case Manager for SAP enables seamless integration with SAP ERP, Jira and Confluence. Business processes – such as material master or production orders – can be easily queried and monitored. This also applies to the components and sets of rules required for automatically controlled process flows, such as cases, stages, human tasks, service tasks, rules, roles, e-mail and much more. CAS Case Cockpit provides access to data, predefined checklists, searches and forms via the modern SAP UI5 user interface. The interface components adapt dynamically to the respective requirements. This provides Belimo with maximum efficiency when processing product master data.  Processes such as product opening, product modification, product discontinuation and archiving will also be implemented by mesoneer in the future.


  • Highly efficient processing of product master data
  • Easy query and monitoring of business processes
  • Seamless integration with all departments and applications

Other Use Cases

Digital Onboarding

Digital client onboarding «Balboa»

For the first time, Baloise Bank SoBa and Basler Versicherungen implemented a cross-divisional software solution to improve the customer experience during onboarding. Holistic process solutions, comprehensive system connections and digitally signed contracts reduce redundant, manual back-office work and raise the user experience to a new level.


Fondli equestrian center goes digital

Popular Zurich equestrian center Fondli in Dietikon automates various administrative tasks with a customized solution on the MS Power platform. Now Fondli's employees can access all relevant information in real time, regardless of location. This leaves more time for horse and rider.

Data & AI

mesoneer integrates data services for SBB, BLS and SOB

How does SBB make sure that its trains are in the right order and at the right place at the right time? Different systems take care of this, but they have one thing in common: They are services from mesoneer that link everything together and help to ensure that you, as a passenger, arrive on time.

All Use Cases

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