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SIGN: The next generation of digital signing

Simple signing for everyone

SIGN was created to make digital signatures available to everyone. The platform features an intuitive web interface allowing users to sign documents with just a few clicks. Thanks to integrated identification solutions such as AutoIdent and VideoIdent, users can enjoy seamless onboarding processes which are both time-saving and secure. Offering a transparent "pay per sign" without hidden costs and the option to customize the look and feel of the platform, SIGN provides a flexible solution that adapts to the needs of every company.

Security and compliance come first

SIGN meets all regulatory requirements for the use of digital signatures in Switzerland and the EU, including simple electronic signatures (SES), advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES). This ensures that every signature issued via SIGN is legally binding and secure.

mesoneer as technology partner

The development of SIGN was realized through close collaboration with mesoneer AG, a leading provider of software solutions in Switzerland. This partnership combines Intrum's deep understanding of digital onboarding with mesoneer's technological expertise to create a state-of-the-art platform that is constantly evolving to further simplify signing processes. For this, SIGN is based on mesoneer's in-house signature platform signeer.

A step towards the future

"Intrum is committed to always remain a leader in innovation, and with SIGN we offer a platform that meets the demands of our customers not only today, but also in the future," says Martin Honegger, Sales & Business Development Director at Intrum. "We are proud to offer a solution together with mesoneer that is revolutionizing the digital signing process. SIGN stands for simplicity, security and customizability - essential requirements in our fast-moving world."

About mesoneer

Headquartered in Wallisellen near Zurich and with two offices in Ho Chi Min City and Da Nang, the software company mesoneer AG has established itself as an essential partner for companies requiring advanced digital onboarding solutions. Passionate about innovation and quality, mesoneer develops customized software with the mission to increase efficiency, improve user experience and create new opportunities for digital interactions. As Intrum's technology partner in the development of SIGN, mesoneer contributes its expertise in software development and its deep understanding of the challenges of digital transformation. This partnership emphasizes the shared vision of going beyond today's limits and offering solutions which not only meet current needs but are also future proof. mesoneer stands for innovation, reliability and the vision of making the digital world safer, more accessible and more efficient.

About Intrum

The Swiss market leader in digital onboarding solutions Intrum specializes in optimizing and simplifying the digital customer onboarding process for companies in various industries. As a pioneer in the field of digital transformation, Intrum focuses on innovative technologies and services that allow fast, secure and user-friendly identification and signing. Providing customized solutions such as AutoIdent, VideoIdent and eSign, Intrum helps companies to digitalize their onboarding processes, improve the user experience and comply with regulatory requirements. Further, Intrum acts as global leader in credit management services serving 20 markets in Europe offering products for debt collection, credit reports, credit information and digital onboarding. Intrum supports consumers and companies in becoming debt-free.

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Intrum AG
Jaël Fuchs, Head of Marketing & Communications

mesoneer AG
Isabelle Rüedi, Lead Marketing & Communications

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