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New digital onboarding solution for the ESPRIT network

Despite its technically sophisticated structure, the digital onboarding solution focuses primarily on the end users. The entire process is kept lean and only takes a few minutes. Self-onboarding allows interested persons to identify themselves directly in the solution without media discontinuity using m_IDeal, mesoneer's application for digital remote identification, legally via smartphone or webcam and then sign the opening documents electronically. By entering an e-mail address, the onboarding process can also be interrupted if necessary and completed at a later date. This procedure was implemented not only for natural persons, but also for legal entities. In this use case, the commercial register connected via an interface also reads the relevant company master data, including the controlling owner and authorized signatories. The latter can carry out both the identification and the signature independently of each other so that the onboarding process is not unnecessarily prolonged.

Individual configurations

mesoneer's digital onboarding solution is already available to customers of Bank WIR. Alternative Bank Schweiz AG, Bank Thalwil, Bank SLM, Bank EEK and Bernerland Bank are also planning to introduce the solution over the course of the next year. In order to meet the different requirements of the various banks, the clients can be configured accordingly via a so-called Admin API. This includes, for example, customer types, account types, product names and translations, which can be customized for each bank. Furthermore, different third-party applications, such as core banking, data management and archiving systems, can be addressed for each client. An integration layer was developed specifically for the onboarding solution, which prepares the received data in such a way that it can be forwarded independently of the system. "This has the advantage that additional third-party systems can be integrated at a later date without fundamentally changing the architecture of the application," explains Nelli Arnold, Lead Delivery and Project Management at mesoneer.

One solution for many

However, user-centricity was not just a focus for potential customers. "It was also important to us to offer a positive user experience to the people at the banks, for example employees at the counter or in the back office," says Sasa Stojancic, who coordinated the project on behalf of the ESPRIT network. The employees of the participating banks therefore have access to a comprehensive dashboard in which they can manage and process the cases received. In addition, if someone wants to open an account directly at a bank branch, the employees at the counter can start the onboarding process manually via the dashboard and complete it together with the interested person on site. Bank employees can also complete openings that were started online with interested parties at the counter without having to re-enter data. A practical function for anyone who encounters difficulties during the onboarding process or would prefer to identify themselves in person. Stojancic is convinced: "With mesoneer's digital onboarding solution, we can address a wide range of people with a wide range of needs".

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