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Customer Lifecycle in the financial sector: digital from A to Zā€Æ

Whether it's work hours or family commitments: These days, it is increasingly difficult to visit a bank during normal business hours. Financial service providers that enable customers to enter into a new business relationship around the clock with self-onboarding therefore have a growing competitive advantage.

24/7 alone is not enough

However, digital self-onboarding is not only characterized by constant availability: Even 24/7 solutions fail to deliver their added value if they are complicated and thus lead to process interruptions. "A good user experience is mandatory," says Dirk Budke, Head of Sales at mesoneer. As a specialist in digital onboarding, mesoneer therefore pays particular attention to the user-friendliness of its applications. "With our onboarding solutions, it is possible for new customers to open a bank account in just four steps," explains Budke. With this approach, mesoneer has already been able to convince numerous customers from the finance and insurance industries with their customized onboarding solutions.

A solution for everyone

But it's not just experience in automating business processes and specialist knowledge of core banking systems that makes mesoneer one of Switzerland's leading providers of digitized self-onboarding solutions. Budke says, "One of the big advantages of our offering is the seamless integration of our products." That's because mesoneer has poured its extensive expertise into the digital identification and signature solution m_IDeal. As a flexible and customizable one-stop-shop platform, it closes the last digital mile to the customer in a timely manner and allows the customer lifecycle to be fully digitized. Can you open an account from your couch on a Sunday evening? Unthinkable until recently due to cumbersome identification processes. With m_IDeal, it is possible to close a contract from anywhere and at any time - in a data-secure and legally compliant manner.

Everyone benefits

However, the end-to-end digitization of the customer lifecycle is not only worthwhile for customers, but also for the financial service providers themselves. Thanks to digital identification with automatic contract generation and the connection of the self-onboarding solution to the core banking system, the process is streamlined overall. Employees are thus spared time-consuming manual steps such as document generation, verification and filing. "We are keen to integrate all the systems we need directly into the process," says Budke. As a result, mesoneer succeeds in designing attractive workflows and user interfaces for back-end applications as well. Among other things, the company relies on modern methods such as Robotics Process Automation, or RPA for short: Budke explains that repetitive tasks in particular can be easily automated with RPA.

One step ahead with Conversational Onboarding

However, mesoneer offers even more ways to digitize customer contact. The in-house conversational business platform consisting of live chat, secure messenger and chatbot makes automating recurring inquiries a piece of cake. Budke is confident: "With our drag-and-drop bot builder, anyone can build a chatbot workflow - even without in-depth IT knowledge."



The original article can be read in the Special Fintech & Insurtech 2022 of Netzwoche from 03.11.2022.

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