The challenge

Coordinate various data

SBB trains carry more than 1.25 million passengers and 205,000 tons of freight to their destinations every day.  A wide variety of applications ensure that trains are put together correctly, train drivers are in the right place and everything is coordinated according to the timetable.

The solution

A central hub

All rail traffic information flows through the central data platform «Info Hub» to which two more railway companies, BLS and SOB, are connected among others. mesoneer supports SBB in the construction and further development of this hub.

The result

Coordinated timetables and on-time trains

Only container-based platforms and agile development environments such as DevOps will be able to meet the challenges of future data integration. This is why, in the near future, streaming-based integrations – based on Kafka on OpenShift, Docker and Kubernetes – will be realized. The corresponding interfaces will be managed through API management.


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