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Be it when opening a bank account, taking out insurance or registering for an online portal, it is important for companies to know who is purchasing a service or product.

Customer identification is a key element for companies throughout the entire customer lifecycle. However, customers› professional or private commitments make it difficult for them to visit in person during normal business hours these days. Alternatives to direct contact are needed that ensure data privacy, meet all regulatory requirements, and are still user-friendly at the same time.

ID makes it possible to identify customers easily and securely, clearing the way for digital and user-friendly solutions.

ID's features at a glance


Your customers can identify themselves at any time - even in the evening and on weekends.


The cost per identification is significantly lower compared to other methods.


ID meets the high EU standard and is certified for issuing a qualified electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS.

No waiting times

Identification takes only 60 seconds and is performed self-service. Waiting times due to busy call centers are thus a thing of the past.


If required, facial matching based on biometric features and life detection guarantees additional security. ID recognizes documents from 150 countries.

Ready to use

Designed as software-as-a-service, ID is available immediately in the cloud. The solution meets the current data protection laws in Switzerland and the EU.

Digital identification with ID - this is how it works.

Security features

State-of-the-art encryption is guaranteed.

Logo, accent color and favicon are customizable to your corporate design.

Identification can be used to issue a qualified electronic signature afterwards.

Supports official ID cards from 150 countries.

Ensures that the identification document matches the requested document type.

Detects visual features of the document such as patterns and embossing.

Detects document forgeries based on black and white copies.

Ensures that the front and back belong to the same identification document.

Reads all data from the badge in real time, improving the user experience.

Ensures that the machine-readable part of the document is undamaged.

Automatically checks the validity of the document.

External process factors such as environmental exposure, camera and network quality are inspected.

Motion-based life detection prevents deception attempts using images.

Matching between the person’s face and the photo on the ID document is performed automatically using biometric characteristics.

Safety levels for a customized solution

ID can be flexibly integrated into the customer journey depending on the identification point and can be individually configured for the respective use case. To this end, we offer our remote identification application not only as a white label solution, but also in different security levels. These allow your company to get exactly the functionality you need for your use case.





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